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Follow Detective Jordan Long in a dark world with murderous clones, a crooked military, and hidden cities. Bermuda City is a lone corner of the Red Crow Comics universe that features a world of chaos that's also tied to the live-action web-series. Issue 1 picks up with Bermuda City native, Detective Jordan Long, as he's connected to a string of murders, including fellow cop Steven Wallace. Now a fugitive, his only option is to dig for more clues that will test his humanity to stop it.



Salta is a female lead of the Red Crow Comics universe with a kick-ass journey! Join her in the first two issues as she time travels to 16th Spain and Mexico to track down a shape shifter and blood-sucking creature known as an Aswang.

The tyrant not only warps history as the great Hernando Cortes, but has the ability to shift time. With the inherited abilities of Atlas, Salta must release hell to stop it.



Meet KRUNCH!!! The loud talking, sinister, malevolent jester, created beyond the cosmos. He's had it out for his creators: two mischievous kids from Springfield, Massachusetts. An innocent game with an ancient spirit board is all it takes to make an entity who's only agenda is to bring chaos... and LOTS of it! Join the mini-issue in Salta issue 2.