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About Red Crow Comics

Red Crow Comics is a comic book publishing house, featuring a unique group of characters for avid comic lovers. The company was founded in Harvest, Alabama in April of 2014 by Julian Jay Burton. The name derived from a sword created in a medieval fantasy novel written by Burton, and is now remade as a mystical crow that reveals stories within the Red Crow universe. Our focus is to bring a new generation of storytelling to the masses, while taking the comic industry to newer heights.

Meet Our Team

Julian Jay Burton

Known for his award winning web-series "Bermuda City" and feature film "Dormant," Julian Jay Burton is an American filmmaker and writer, his skills and experiences in drama serving him well in enriching his fiction. Burton's love for prose centers on novels, but he also writes short stories, poetry, graphic novels, playwrights and screenplays. He has a deep passion for music and since his early youth has written numerous songs in the realms of R&B and Rap.

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Jose Varese

Jose's passion for art and design can be traced back to his early childhood, when his parents would ground him repeatedly for drawing on the bedroom walls. They soon discovered his creative potential and encouraged him to develop his talents. Since then Jose has continued to hone his skills as an illustrator, winning regional and national competitions as well as collaborating with local Miami artists and community businesses.


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Ozzie Martin

On Sept. 18th 1971 - Saturday at 3:35pm, the city of Miami Florida hit a new population high with the birth of a "ToonWizard". With a childhood firmly rooted throughout the Golden Age of the 70's and 80's cartoon frenzy, Oz has always been a devoted disciple of all things 2D and animated. During his early years he was introduced to the outlawed art of Graffiti, where an obsessive passion for all things cartoony & comic bookish sprang from those early days

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Stanley Weaver Jr.

Stanley Weaver Jr. is a Freelance Artist, Creator and Instructor living in Tampa, FL. He has been instrumental in numerous character designs for various different projects. His pencils have been published in numerous independent comic books and he is also one quarter of the art studio, "Street Team." He was responsible for the pencils in the recently published Street Team comic book. Stanley is currently working on his B.A in computer animation at Full Sail University.

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Shawn Alleyne

Born and raised on the island of Barbados, Shawn later relocated to Philadelphia in his teens, where he has lived ever since. From an early age he knew he wanted to be involved in art in some capacity, and is currently working in the demanding field of freelance art as a Writer, Inker and Instructor.

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Silvano Beltramo

Born in 1971 in Italy, Silvano debuted as a illustrator in 1999 for comic series "Clarissa." From 1997 to 2014, he was head of Logistics, Exhibitor Management and Guests Cooridnator for the "Torino Comics" Convention. In 2014, he published Italy and France's historic graphic novel...

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Helge C. Balzer

Helge C. Balzer was born in Northern Germany. Even as a teenager he made short films and advertising spots and worked as a storyboard artist. He studied 3D computer animation and concept art at the Film and Television University Konrad Wolf in Potsdam Babelsberg.

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Eric Alan Nelson

Born on August 12, 1969, in Lower Merion Township, Pennsylvania. Eric began his comic artist career with Raging Rhino Press in 1992 and has done work for London Night Studios, Hardcore Studios, Boneyard Press, Maelstrom Media, AC Comics, and is currently working for Avatar Press.

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Matt James

Born in 1978 in Toowoomba, Queensland, Matt is a Freelance Comic Book Inker and Colourist now based in Perth, Australia. After High School, Matt studied for a Bachelor’s Degree in Illustration and Graphic Design from James Cook University (QLD, Australia) from 1997-1999.

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Kenneth A. Williams

Over 30 years of Experience that includes Managing Projects, Management, Training, Websites, Graphics, Sales, Marketing, Social Media, Mentoring, Coaching, Advertising, Promotions, Entertainment ( music, film, and media), Sports, Education, Non-Profit Organizations, etc.

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Jesse Heagy

Jesse Heagy started working for HifiDesign in 2008, working on DC books such as Justice Society of America, Nightwing, Booster Gold, and more. In the last few years, Heady has provided color covers for IDW (GiJoe and TMNT), Zenescope, and Aspen (Fathom, Soulfire)...

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Omi Remalante Jr

Omi Remalante Jr. is a professional digital colorist/comic book creator. Remaltante has worked on indie books in the U.S., Australia, and the U.K., as well as Valiant Comics, Image Comics, Zenescope Entertainment, Dynamite Entertainment, and Marvel Comics.

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